What is a Life’s Cross Road?

Life cross roads, just like people, are unique and surprising. What may be a cross road for one, is not for another. However, there are a few events in life, both positive and negative, considered  cross roads because they change our life as we knew it before that respective event.

The goal of this site is to provide support and ideas on how to better navigate such events.

A few examples of cross roads:  

Positive events:

Accepted in the school/college of your choice

Awarded a prize or grant.

Graduating  from school/college/professional school

Getting married

Birth of babies

Winning an important sports competition

Negative events:

Loss of someone we love (parents, child, spouse


Divorce or separation

Loss of job or financial support

Major illness/disability

The list goes on, and it is personal, so I invite you to add your own life cross roads and let’s navigate together so that your journey of tomorrow will be happier and more rewarding.



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Life is a continuous, unpredictable adventure! In my opinion, the most useful attitude one may have is faith that the only certain thing in life is CHANGE. That's how hope is born... Just as life itself, this blog follows the ups and downs of real life. This blog was voted by my colleagues on Word Press among THE MOST VERSATILE. The ONLY focus is on providing useful information in an easy, fun to read fashion. Please also visit http://www.thenudetruth.com Where we strip life of lies and reveal the truth. It was designed as a result of a domainer purchasing my LEGAL NAME domain! Bloggers, always BUY your name domains if they are popular blogs or some legal sharlatan will steal your work and make money while you help the world for FREE!

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