I Didn’t See IT Coming!

Belated Happy New Year 2022!

My last post on this blog is dated January 27, 2020! Two years ago, but it feels like a life-time has passed, perhaps like having stepped into a different Universe…

Life BEFORE and not yet AFTER the Covid19 Pandemic. In January, 2020, at the time I wrote the post, “IT” was already here, invisible and deadly, but I, in my state of unawareness, lisited in that post cross roads in our lives which now look more like curbs, not cross roads!

Did the events of the last two years re-define you? Did your priories, ideals, plans for the future change? What affected you the most? Has anything positive emerged out of this complex 2-year period?

For me, it was transformative in more then one way, both positive and negative.

Shortly before I wrote the post on January 27, 2020 I had come back on the East Coast from a long stay with my family in California. At that time, I was planning a return in the near future, but two years have passed and I am thankful to technology for allowing me tomaintain a connection to those I love who are so far away in space!

On a positive note, I am now using my Romanian interpretation skills more than ever via medical video interpreting. I feel connected to the world and have a sense that my work makes a positive difference.

This morning, when I decided to write this post, I felt as if my m creative mind, which felt frozen, is coming to life again, and while my thoughts are not flowing with ease, as they used to, I feel the time has come to revisit and redefine our Crossed Roads!!! I hope we will do it together!


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Life is a continuous, unpredictable adventure! In my opinion, the most useful attitude one may have is faith that the only certain thing in life is CHANGE. That's how hope is born... Just as life itself, this blog follows the ups and downs of real life. This blog was voted by my colleagues on Word Press among THE MOST VERSATILE. The ONLY focus is on providing useful information in an easy, fun to read fashion. Please also visit http://www.thenudetruth.com Where we strip life of lies and reveal the truth. It was designed as a result of a domainer purchasing my LEGAL NAME domain! Bloggers, always BUY your name domains if they are popular blogs or some legal sharlatan will steal your work and make money while you help the world for FREE!

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